International Institute      on Government and Democracy

Next: July 16-20, 2019

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The 2019 Institute on Government and Democracy is jointly sponsored by The International Fellowship of Faith Ministries and The Wise School of Ministry. It is also pleased to have the cooperation of members of the Columbus City Council, Ohio House of Representatives and The United State Congress. The International Fellowship of Faith Ministries The International Fellowship of Faith Ministries is a global network of churches which serves as a catalyst for the development of leaders, churches, communities and nations around the world. It is based in Columbus, Ohio at the Faith Ministries Church. However, it reaches around the world to include mission minded people in nearly 50 different nations from every corner of the planet. For more, visit: www.IFFMUS.comThe Wise School of Ministry  For more than 25 years, hundreds of people have been able to access the dynamic mind and ministry of Dr. C. Dexter Wise III. This two time Harvard graduate, noted author and gifted pastor offers on the Internet (and also on audio cassette, books, tapes, CD, VHS and DVD for persons who do not have access to the web) interesting, insightful, and practical courses on everything from "How We Got Our Bible" to "How to Preach Without a Manuscript." In addition to Bible Study classes, Dr. Wise offers live courses on preaching, youth, men's ministry, church growth, marriage counseling, and ministers’ wives which he teaches throughout the year from his home church Faith Ministries in Columbus, Ohio, across the nation and around the world. In addition to its founder Dr. Wise, this pioneering online school offers several courses based on the work of some of our nation's most gifted preachers, teachers and pastors. For more, visit: