International Institute      on Government and Democracy

Next: July 18-22, 2017

The Annual International Institute on Government

and Democracy is the brain child of Dr. C. Dexter Wise

III. After several trips abroad and many conversations

with elected officials and community leaders from

around the world, he has created this unique institute to

link leaders from around the world with their

counterparts in the US to facilitate an exchange of ideas

and best practices which can foster change, growth and

development in developing nations around the world.

While officials of all nations are welcome, leaders of

democratic nations or those transitioning to a

democratic form of government are the target.


All Inclusive Price

The cost of the Institute will include:

seminars, workshops, tours, hotel,

food and travel during the five day

Institute. Each participant will be

responsible for his or her own VISA

procurement, travel to and from the

US, as well as, their food and lodging

for the time they are in the US outside.

This event is by invitation only! French translators will be available!

To receive an invitation to the Institute

please email your interest and contact

information to:

This may be a once in a lifetime experience!

Throughout the week, such

topics as the following will be


The American System of Government

Principles of Democracy

Good Governance

Challenges in a Democratic Society

Transitioning to Democracy

Partnership between Government and Faith Community

Sustainable Development

Poverty Reduction

International Trade
Cooperation between Rich and Poor Nations

And much more…


why join us

Dr. Wise pictured with  US President Barak Obama

For more than 40 years, Dr. C. Dexter Wise III has been on the cutting edge of ministry and social change. This new and exciting Institute is just one in a long line of many life and world changing enterprises which he is the driving force behind.




During this time, a limited number of elected officials from abroad will be exposed to and immersed in the

American system of business and government. Participants in this Institute will visit local, state and federal

American centers of government, a major University campus and more. They will also personally hear, meet

and have access to outstanding US elected officials and community leaders.


the iigd experience:


IIGD is more than a mere meeting. It is a gathering of international influential political, business, religious and community leaders who have the power to change the world.


For one week, they converge upon Columbus, OH which is in the center of Ohio which is itself in the heart of America.



2747 Agler Rd.ColumbusOH 43224 US